‘This is a great idea.  Northern Stage commissioned 9 10 minute pieces from tiro female playwrights, and cheekily (note the multi-bare bum poster) put the results in the Gulbenkian Studio as an antidote to the main Newcastle Playhouse production, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes….Ten minute theatre demands simple lucid ideas swiftly carried through….One third hit the target: Kathleen McCreery’s frenetic comedy 91/2 Minutes; Linda France’s poem Mae West on Furniture Polish…and Donna Sinclair’slampooning of masturbation taboos…’
Peter Mortimer, The Guardian, Monday, November 9, 1992

‘Highlights of the night were Kathleen MCCreery’s 91/2 Minutes with Jo Moran as a beleaguered housewife trying to balance the many fragments of her life, and…’
Bernice Saltzer, Hartlepool Mail, Friday, 6 November 1992

‘It was particularly well-handled in one short where they each took on several roles, often sliding into another character with only a one-second transition.  It’s funny, it works, and it is well worth catching.’
Maureen Fairley, Northern Echo, Saturday, November 7, 1992

‘Thank goodness for Kathleen McCreery’s 91/2 Minutes – a witty, well-crafted mini-farce taking place in 10 minutes of real time, and demonstrating what can be done by an experienced playwright within the confines of the format.’
Christa van Raalte, Next Stage Quarterly, November 1992