Waving Not Drowning, The Mental Health Roadshow: Do No Harm

Produced by Bread and Roses Theatre Company

Synopsis: Claire is an Irish GP experiencing burn-out.  Where do doctors turn when they can’t help bringing their patients’ problems home with them, and long hours mean their own family life suffers?  In this scene pills and alcohol offer only short-term relief as Claire becomes both doctor and patient and consults herself while revisiting 3 troubling cases: a victim of domestic violence, an unemployed man with depression, and an addict who wants to get off methadone and into rehab. She concludes, ‘What I really need, and what at least half my patients need is not a prescription, IT’S A CHEQUE BOOK!’


Production History
Year & Company

2016 Bread and Roses Theatre Company – premiered at An Grianan Theatre, Letterkenny, Donegal, November 23

Director – Rosa Stourac McCreery
Cast: Anne Gallagher, Aoife Toner, Cassie Riggs, Ronan Carr