The Chambermaids

Commissioned by Newcastle upon Tyne Polytechnic
Large cast (12-13 minimum)

Synopsis: The true story of a group of Grosvenor House Hotel chambermaids who, in 1979, took on Trust House Forte when their Jarrow-born shop steward was unfairly suspended, and they were sacked and evicted.  Divided by race, language, religion and culture, the maids found common cause in struggling for their rights as workers, as women, as immigrants and as trade unionists.  Songs, humour, strong female characters, and an original stylised story-telling technique provide real challenges to students and community theatre groups as well as professional performers.

Production History
Year & Company
1987 - Newcastle Poly drama students, Newcastle upon Tyne
Richard Stourac
1988 - Chat's Palace, London
Annie Smol and Dave Woolley
1991 - Malmesbury School, Wiltshire
Jon Parker
2000 - Newcastle College, Newcastle upon Tyne
Carola Douglass
2005 - University of Sunderland (excerpts), Sunderland
Kathleen McCreery
2014 - University of Sunderland at Washington Arts Centre, Tyne and Wear
Bernie McLaughlin
Production photographs - 2005