Emma and the Cauld Lad

Commissioned by A19 Film and Video
TIE, secondary schools, community audiences, the probation service

Synopsis: Car crime, teen pregnancy, drug and alcohol abuse, the generation gap - these are the problems confronting Emma, her boy friend Michael, and their friends and families.  The serious story is told with humour, songs, and the help of a ghost.  It's set in Sunderland, a city where the old heavy industries are gone and the loudly trumpeted regeneration has yet to deliver the jobs local people need so badly.

Production History
Year & Company
1993 - A19 Film and Video - New City Theatre Company
Tony Goode
1994 - North Tyneside College - Adapted for North Tyneside circumstances and a large cast. New title: Living Dangerously
Kay Hepplewhite
Cast: 1993 - Damian Brant, David Tarkenter, Annie Aldington, Nicola Lister