Flight Paths

Commissioned by Sunderland LEA.
Years 6+. TIE (primary and secondary) and community venues. 1 hour 5 minutes. Cast size 5-6 +

Synopsis: This play weaves together the stories of five young people from different ethnic backgrounds struggling to cope with racism, identity, bullying and domestic violence. Jenny and her mum have had to flee London and her mother's violent partner. Anysie is Congolese, Abbas Iranian. They and their families are asylum seekers who have fled war and persecution. Born and bred in Britain, Omar is torn between his parents' Pakistani culture and his need to belong. White working class Lisa takes Jenny under her wing, but turns against Anysie and Abbas, with tragic consequences. Flight Paths was written with the help of young people in Sunderland schools, and asylum seekers and refugees in Tyne and Wear. Laced with humour, the play's episodic framework, juxtaposed narratives, and the intensely intimate and specific nature of the story-telling make for a powerful and thought-provoking piece of theatre. The play was performed 95 times over two years on Tyneside to approximately 10,000 people. It was accompanied by workshops and packs for teachers and facilitators. NOTE: While set in Newcastle/Sunderland, the play could be adapted for use in other regions.

Production History
Year & Company
2003 - Flabagast Arts
Kathleen McCreery
2004 - ARCH (Agencies Against Racist Crime and Harrassment), WRAP (Working with Racist Perpetrators), and Fiona Evans (Northern Firebrand)
Kathleen McCreery
2003 - Yvonne Wandera, Therase Neve, Reza Kianpour, Nitin Kundra, Beverly Quinn/Sonia Beinroth
2004 - Wendi Mcarthur, Ashlea Sanderson, Tamer Doghem, Shah Lalon Amin, Maureen Kawanzaruwa, Nicola Woods/Lady Kitt