When I Meet My Mother

Commissioned by Cheshire Drama Education Services for Cheshire Youth Theatre
A ½ hour play for a large cast youth theatre project under the umbrella title 'Shadows in the Sun'

Synopsis: Set in Brazil, the play tells the story of a gang of children who sleep, eat, work, play, sniff glue and drink, fall in love and die on the streets of the city.  Each has a unique history, a distinct personality, each longs for something better, but fears losing the security the gang provides.  It seems Ana might make it, she's been offered a place in a shelter.  But then the vigilantes close in...

Production History
Year & Company
1996 - Cheshire Youth Theatre
Fiona Lesley and Julie Batty
Production photographs
Published by Weaver Press, Zimbabwe, this collection includes my play 'When I Meet My Mother'. Click on the image for further information. This collection is a set text for A-level students.